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'08 328Xi won't start...fuel pump?! HELP!!!!

So I get to work this morning and am greeted by a call from my frantic fiancee, claiming that she was broken down on the highway on her way to work. Claims that she had been driving around 80mph in the high-speed lane, when she felt a loss of power and noticed the car begin to slow down. Thinking she may have knocked the car into neutral, she confirmed that this was not the case. Unable to speed up and move to the breakdown lane, she was forced to stop her car in the median.

After telling her to call the police and AAA (and confirming that they send a flatbed for the Xdrive), she calls me back a little while later letting me know that her car was up on the flatbed and she was heading home. Turns out (I wasn't privy to this information prior to it happening), the RI State Trooper decided to "nudge" the car over 3 lanes of traffic to the breakdown lane, thus removing the high degree of danger from being located in the median and making it easier for the tow truck to grab the car. I understand why he did it, doesn't mean I like the decision. Luckily, there was no damage to the E90 after the push.

I decided to head home during my lunch break to try and diagnose the car myself, or at the very least, rule out some possibilities. I found that the car is trying to crank, but won't turn over. So it sounds like the following are ruled out:

*Fuel pump

Using my old cell phone (Droid X, along with the Torque app) and my ELM-327 bluetooth adapter, I was able to pull the following codes:

*P2415: O2 Sensor Exhaust Sample Error bank2 Sensor1
*P2414: O2 Sensor Exhaust Sample Error bank1 Sensor1

And before anyone gets on me, I did a ton of searches, but came up pretty empty. Would an issue with the O2 sensor have this sort of an impact on a car? I never thought it would prevent a car from starting, but then again, these are E90's that I'm talking about.

I even took a video of the car trying to start up, in hopes that this helps to diagnose the issue. I'm hoping it's something minor that I can fix myself (I can do most basic maintenance tasks), as I'd love to avoid A) paying to tow the car the 25+ miles to the nearest BMW dealer and B) paying the outrageous cost that a BMW dealer would undoubtedly charge me.

(could not, for the life of me, figure out how to embed the video)

Let me know if I can provide any other detail. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you all!

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