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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Another patronizing blowhard. We all got the point about a year ago in this thread. Your premise that I "enjoy" the F-16 as much as you, despite paying less taxes towards it is a seriously disturbed way of looking at the world, and wrong too. My kids are out of public school, so how can I "enjoy" the 83% of my property taxes that go to the schools? Here's what I do enjoy though. The more money I make, the more I get to keep, and the more I can spend or invest. Same for you, same for everybody.

Here's a thought: make our graduated taxes graduated, all the way up. Not just until it gets to my income level, because like I said, that's not fair. So then after paying for F-16s and everything else in "raw dollars", if there's money left over, give the middle class a tax cut. And if that causes business owners to move out of the US, then f'k 'em.
What do you mean, IF that causes business owners to move jobs out of the US ?
They have been for years now, in the millions, and that's with todays historically low rates for high earners.

You raise high-end tax rates to return to rates of the 1960's (when they didnt have viable alternatives), and those numbers will jump exponentially higher. Similar to the effect when a 49 person enterprise thinks about hiring one of your kids in a few years, and the mandatory healthcare covereage makes them think twice. Perhaps WHEN it affects you, or your kids, or your friends directly, then you wont be so cavalier about saying F'em to those companies.

You can whine about your taxes that pay for schools, but consider those like me who dont have kids and still pay those same taxes. But then, everytime I interact with anyone who went to a public school, I realize it's a valuable service, and someone has to pay for it. Just like the F-16. You may not enjoy the fact that such a machine needs to exist, but trust me, every time you get to make choices that people in places like Cuba dont get to make, you are in fact enjoying the services rendered by that F-16...