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Thanks for the comments.
Originally Posted by mike-y View Post
sounds like a typical single adjustable system using a needle valve, except for the gas pressure adjustment. so is the adjustment for gas pressure completely separate? And does that only affect compression? There is no remote reservoir on these, right?
No remote reservoir, that's right. Everything is contained within the damper.

Regarding the gas pressure, I don't actually know. The RS1 is brand new as of a few months ago and JRZ hasn't released any in-depth technical info on it. The gas pressure is adjusted via the little metal nub sticking out the side of the damper body (can see it in my photos). I don't see how changing the gas pressure would affect compression but not rebound (or vice versa). It's a little outside of my knowledge level right now. JRZ's brochure does a good job of explaining their philosophy behind using gas pressure in the damper:
Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
How often does JRZ recommend you service these dampers? I've read some high end dampers have frequent service intervals.
Also, why did you go with M3 springs instead of 335i? That's why your ride height is what it is.
Something to do with the fact I had M3 rear shocks. I don't remember the exact reasoning but VAC said the M3 springs are wider amongst a few other things. The 335i springs did not work in the front.
Service interval - again something I'll have to check on. The RS1 is new.

BTW I got my Michelin PSS on order; next time I go to the track, I'll be back with a vengeance.

I went for a drive tonight and on the street this setup feels almost wasteful. It is unbelievable to drive. Never even remotely harsh yet totally communicative and insanely responsive. I went over a few hilly roads and where I'd get that floaty feeling with stock shocks, the JRZ hold the car to the ground like glue. It's strange at first. I love it.
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