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Originally Posted by Alpine390 View Post
mine shake a lot on my E90 like to the point where on coming traffic are flashing their high beams at me. The 07 E92 I traded in for the E90 was perfectly fine. It's really quite annoying. I tried switching them to "on" instead of "auto" but it didn't help anything. My "active" headlights are a little too "active."
Yes, I've read that active lights are prone to shake even more, so I specifically state that mine are not adaptive. There's lots of misinformation out there. My Bentley manual even states in black and white that in order to have bi-xenon lights you must also have adaptive. That's simply not true.

I expect that adaptive lights shake more because there's yet another stepper motor and pivot mechanism (to sweep left/right) which adds more play and a potential area of vibration.

My biggest issue is that the lights are improperly supported in the body. If the entire lighting assembly wasn't rattling around it wouldn't promote vibration (and wear) inside the expensive lighting assembly itself.

I can't believe that the E90 is excluded from the retrofit with issues like this. I'm also surprised that more owner's aren't up in arms instead of just saying "it's normal". It's really bad, on my car at least, and that's without including any shake inside the light. As you can see from the thread, I've already checked that the light is properly tightened down. There's lots of space under the lights for additional supports, and even places on the light housings where these supports can attach (and possibly do on E91/92/93).


I guess I could just buy the parts shown in the TSB and see if there's any way they can be used on the E90, but it would be a crap shoot (and probably a waste of money).