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Originally Posted by gtaccord View Post
A guy I work with just had pretty much the same thing happen to his older 330. His fuel pump had went bad. He got similar codes and everything.

If the fuel pump goes it will not throw a code.
Originally Posted by gtaccord View Post
The way he stumbled on this was he sprayed carb cleaner in his intake to "clean" the map/maf sensor (whatever it has) and then when he tried cranking the car it fired right up and then turned off almost instantly. He deduced from this that he wasn't getting any fuel but the car burned the carb cleaner for an instant upon startup.

After listening to the video I really think you may have the same problem.
Thanks, man...really appreciate the insight. I guess when I first got home and tried to start the car, I was a bit premature in ruling out the fuel pump as the possible culprit. I guess I need to try and figure out how to determine whether or not it is the fuel pump. Time to do some more searching.

Go figure...I'm the one with the 335i, yet she's the one possibly having an issue with her fuel pump. Ha.

Anybody else have any additional feedback/input/thoughts/ideas/help/anything?!