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Originally Posted by MIA_Fanatic10 View Post
Still crazy that people bash and hate LeBron, he honestly has made one little mistake, the "Decision". And even that, raised a huge amount of money for the boys and girls club and people hate him for it, even tho it wasnt very smart to announce it like that, but thats all hes done. It's all out of pure JEALOUSY why people hate him, but what r ya gonna do. He is still the best player in the world right now by far and will be up there in the ranks of Jordan and Magic if he gets a few more titles, I'd say at least 4 total, but whatever HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!!!
I wouldn't normally do this, but it bothers me that Heat fans have nothing better to do than continue to bitch after winning their championship. People are people and have their own opinions... why try to change them? Why care? Sure, some people are jealous that LBJ isn't on their favorite team, but just because we weren't rooting for LBJ or the Heat doesn't mean we hate him, are jealous of not having him on our team, etc.

No one hates him for raising money for the boys and girls club. No one hates him for the role model that he is. I admit he is an awesome basketball player with amazing talent. I knew he was special from Day 1 in the NBA, back in High School even. He was a free-agent when he ended his career with the Cavs, and he could go wherever the hell he wanted (South Beach included). We all realize that choice was his.

The people of Cleveland aren't pissed that he left... they are pissed the way he left and how he lied to the city, the owner, the GM, and most of all, the fans. Many of us refuse to believe he woke up on the day of The Decision and decided to take his talents to South Beach. No one believes that he would make such a huge decision on a whim... not even Wilbon who was interviewing him.

Is he as hated in Cleveland as Art Modell? F-no. But, will he be forgiven? Perhaps, eventually. LBJ knows what he did was wrong... why else would you leave your hometown secretively in the middle of the night to avoid fans, media, etc?

But anyways, what's happened has happened. Congrats to LBJ and the Heat. He's definitely a baller, and deserved to win at least one ring in his career. Hopefully Heat fans can resume celebrating their championship, and accept the fact that not every NBA fan is a fan of LBJ and/or the Heat.

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