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Sonic Tuning

I wanted to wait until my "issue" was fully resolved and case closed, giving them the benefit of the doubt, until I posted this.

In short: I would recommend their products. I purchased their HID bulbs and halos, so $190 or so total with shipping. However, the process after that has been bothersome.

I took my bulbs to BMW to get installed; Geico was paying for the install since they owed me from an insurance claim to replace the bulbs anyway. I get home and notice immediately one of the halos is off-colored. I see this:

I emailed Sonic Tuning right away. Ray says to check the alignment. What? The alignment? It only goes in one way. So to satisfy them, I took it back to BMW and had him check it. He pulls out the bulb and you can clearly see one of the LEDs is burnt out, therefore the discoloration.

I fork over the $68 to do an advance RA. Ray tells me if it was damaged in anyway ITS ON ME. What? I didn't even touch it when I got it. Handed the box over to my local dealer which I fully trust. It seemed okay when I was driving out of the dealer then when I got home it was the discolored you see. So it lasted all of 10 minutes if anything was not wrong with it to begin with.

I send the bad bulb back to Sonic, I pay for shipping of course, and he says it needs to go to MTEC for review.

End result: They refund me the $68 for the advance RA. But their answer? "We processed your return, I would NOT recommend going back to that BMW dealer since the part was damaged and they used some type of glue to cover it."

WHAT? And here is a picture of the defective LED:

My HID bulbs and halos of course look amazing. They are great products. But how can a company from the get go accuse me of this all the way to the end? "Here's your refund, but I still don't trust you..."

So in the end, great product, but if you need any support afterwards, don't count on much.

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