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Originally Posted by srd5948 View Post
I have 2011 BMW 335i (N55)with M sports package, I was looking at upgrading with PPK-1, the dealer at San Antonio, TX quoted me $880 + Labor.
Do you guys think its fair deal?
He also told me, the whole upgrade process might take a complete day or so, that means total will be even more including labor charges.

Please advice....

It's a pretty good deal for what it is, however, two things you need to know:
The labor charge for this upgrade is only for 1.5 hours at the most! Even if it takes them all day to do it (like mine did), you only pay them for 1.5 hours labor. Be sure to inform them that, as that's the way it's quoted by BMW. They can't charge you more because their installers are slow.

Be prepared for it taking all day and getting a fun loaner meanwhile, lol. Make sure--make double sure and verify on your own--that they order the PPK according to your exact VIN. If just one digit is off, your car will not take the upgrade and they will have to re-order everything.

Lastly, talk to some of the parts guys at the dealer. They may hook you up with a discount like they did me ($680). Bring up the fact that it used to cost $500 when released at first.
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