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Originally Posted by 335xi_zer0 View Post
I haven't dealt with Sonic Tuning much, but I did meet Ray last week when I decided to drive up to see the warehouse. Overall nice guy and said he would always provide the hookup.

At that time, I bought a pair of HID bulbs, which he said have a one year warranty and if anything happened, just to bring the receipt to him and he would take care of it. That to me is great (my buddy bought crappy HIDs and they keep burning out but the refund/turnaround time is awful). Knowing that I can take it to him for a replacement is great.

My friend bought the MTEC AE on site as well and we will be putting those in shortly. Hopefully an LED won't be burnt out!

Question: I know you are probably mad with Sonic Tuning, and I would be too, but why not go through MTEC directly? They might have been able to help you out better.
I'm not mad with Sonic... I'd buy from them again and plan on getting a fog light HID kit. Just didn't like the way from the beginning he said "If it was damaged...." then they get it "It's damaged we've NEVER seen this"... and so result to that it was damaged by me or during installation, then attempted to be covered up by glue.

I think these LEDs are kind of the thing that works or they don't, the reason I saw the LED not working in the 1st day of use.

I didn't even know I could contact MTEC, I assumed it was their brand. I think the customer should expect at least some sort of brief in-house warranty deal before dealing with the manufacturer, though. They didn't even last a day and/or were defective from the moment I had them installed. Thanks!!! I look forward to rocking them.