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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
Hey radar,

I did some more pulls tonight and my logs look much better. Boost is where it should be. Not sure what happened to my last logs, but these logs appear to be more in the norm? I run California 91 Octane, which like you said is the reason for the minus timing. Still have little timing drops but was told this is normal with CA 91 Octane on S1 Sport. My charge air temp is still high and will be getting a FMIC this summer. One thing at a time I guess..

I have attached my logs if you are interested. Thanks again for the help.
Yeah, the boost is where it should be on those logs. All your cylinders are pulling timing. Im interested to see how your timing looks when your able to run that e85 mix. On the second run you're IATs start at ~120 and hit ~160, that's not helping timing either.