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This worked for me

Trying the reset after an early pad replacement put me as service required in minus 9000 miles with a permanent brake light. Attempting to reset again wouldn't put me in the service menu until I read another thread which added a step of pressing and holding BC before hitting the odometer reset, as in 2a below...
1)Insert key (car doors closed) 2)Press start/stop without clutch/brake 2a)when panel lights stabilize, press/hold BC until clock appears in panel 3)then press and hold the odometer reset for 3 secs, etc, etc. Armed with that, I could now perform the reset repeatedly with the same -9000 mile result. Then I read here that shorting out the wear sensor can work, so I took off the drivers side wheel (no sensor on the passengers side) and opened the door to the plastic box holding the wear sensor plug. I pulled out the plug going to the sensor and inserted a short loop of bare 24-guage wire into the holes in the white connector (a paper clip is too thick). I then got back in the car and did the reset and it worked. I removed the jumper, put everything back together, and all's well, so far.