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I'm no angel. I'm no saint. I often talk like a sailor and occassionally lend ear to indulge my friend's tasteless jokes and pretend to chuckle a bit. But there's a time and a place for certain behavior. Often times I am an angel. I am a saint and I ususally dress appropriately as the occassion necessitates.

But there's a different breed out there today. Young men and women who have no distain for the seemingly crude and often downright embarrasing. One must wonder what their parents think (if their parents think at all). I suppose we can thank the neverending 'in your face' sex and violence brought on by the demand of youth in such things as video games and even primetime television. There's a definite generation of 'vidiots' coming up through the ranks and it is quite disturbing to a certain degree.

One thing that I particularly can't stand is the outward appearance of having absolutely no class and no care for what used to be termed "proper" behavior. That's all gone out the window it would seem today.

Here is a prime example:

Who in their right mind would put such a moronic and crude decal on their car and wear it like a badge of honor? Apparently a WHOLE lot of people. Do their parents sport the same garbage on their Caddy's and Lexus? I doubt it. Do these youth feel at all ashamed or uncomfortable when visiting family while driving the 'boy racer shocker mobile'? Doubtful. It is without a doubt a reflection of one's self and is utterly ridiculous. It used to be the stupid Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes that was pissing on everything. That was stupid enough but as most things go, it must be taken up a notch (or clear to the top as evidence shows).

Just the other day I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for some food and a small group of kids (probably between 18&20yo) came in and without consideration to anyone else in the restaurant, of which their were several small children, starting talking loudly (no surprise) about things such as shaving balls and sucking cock etc. Seriously? Has common sense and just plain old overall decency just gone out the fucking window? "Perfect candidates for the 'shocker' on their vehicle" I thought to myself (although I doubt anything would shock them).

Edit: Those ridiculous "truck nuts" also come to mind.

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