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Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Cool i need to do this asap. I have 90k miles, no issues but i know i will feel the difference afterwords. I am shopping around for spark plugs and wonder if i should change the coils too. How much did you pay for the plugs and coils? can u give me a separate run down? Thanks!
I would highly recommend changing your coils if you haven't done it yet. Have you replaced any of the coils? My personal experience, is that when one coil went bad, another coil would soon follow. I ended up replacing three separate coils on three different occasions, all around 75k miles.

The trick to saving some money with the plugs and coils is to buy your parts from or I don't work for either one of these places, but I've had good success with All of the parts I ordered from them like thermostat, water pump, coils, plugs, etc. were all OEM parts that were not stamped with the BMW logo.

Generally speaking, the plugs will be anywhere from $9-11. and the coils will be around $30. If you compare that price to ECS or Tischer BMW, their plugs will be $18 and the coils about $48.