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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Thanks, Just looked over that post and made some changes. Its progressing and over time will get better, I got some midbass back but it still sounds severely lacking compared to my friends logic 7 setup which im hoping to surpass ( technically speaking atleast ).

Current Settings -

Calibrated at -23db then left at -8db ( -6 starts to sound harsh when turned up )
  • Sub = None
  • Front = 2way
  • 30hz subsonic /12db
  • Front Hi/Lo set @ 200hz 24db
  • Center 200hz 24db
  • Side 100hz 24db

Ive toyed with the sub gain but it sounds fine in the middle. So far my impressions are :
  • Much improved from initial settings
  • Still sounds a little hollow / not crisp
  • Sounds like its 85% center channel ( is this normal )

Is it normal to have the rear speakers work totally diff now that Logic 7 is doing the processing? Had a rear passenger
say theres no sound back here and its going in an out or is that because I only set up my drivers seating positon and
not all 4.

Ill keep at it noting my settings each time hopefully I will get it to sound better. Im pretty confident with help
from everyone that has MS8/E90 audio knowledge + trial and error on my part I will get this to sound great.

Thanks again all def thinking of adding a sub sooner than later now.
Raise the subsonic to 40Hz at 24dB, or 50Hz at 18dB. Try calibrating in the 30dB range... there could be some clipping going on at -23dB if you hear harsh sound at -6dB general volume. There should be no harshness all the way to 0dB.

Skip input setup. Do not use the CD included with the MS-8, it is not required. Make sure that the MS-8 RCA inputs correspond to the OEM HU outputs: MS-8 CH1 input should be the OEM HU left output, CH2 should be the right output. The RCA with the red band is always RIGHT.

The rears will not sound in full because the Logic7 only sends what it processed as surround sounds. If you defeat the Logic7 then you will hear in full at the rear speakers.

I would try the woofers as subs from 50Hz to 200Hz as well.