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Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
What really concerns me, is the total lack of regard people have for each other. All the videos on youtube of horrible accidents where you are literally witnessing someone's death and people are laughing and making crude jokes.

It happened on here not too long ago with a video from the middle east of some idiots drifting, crashing, and being thrown limb from limb from the vehicle. Yah, they might of been idiots for engaging in such activity, and obviously they didn't have much regard for anyone else, but it doesn't give us the right to sit back in our chair and make crude remarks.

Just my opinion though.
It's like one big video game now. Car crashes and bullets don't hurt... that's just pretend!

The problem is that people are losing touch with what's real and what's not. Wayyyyyy too much violence in all media has desensitized most. To add humor is just the "I have internet and I be a troll" way unfortunately. Nothing truly shocks anyone anymore and common decency is becoming a myth.