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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Ok, I'll really feel like a fogey now. I've never seen that symbol before. What does it mean?

I agree with you, though. I work at a university and my office used to be near the rest rooms. During class breaks the students would line up in the hallway waiting for the rest room and the language they used, both sexes, was stunning. Do they talk like that around the water cooler at Fortune 500 companies these days?

People in general have little or no concern for anyone but themselves any more. That's evident everywhere. People make noise at all hours, dress like crap in nice restaurants, let their kids scream while others are trying to enjoy a nice meal, etc. And around here, they drive cars, trucks, and motorcycles with next to no exhaust system (we have no emissions testing or inspections of any kind). I was raised to respect the peace-and-quiet that other folks have a right to expect. But somewhere along the line that right disappeared like so many other rights.
Well the saying that accompanies it is "Two in the pink & one in the stink" so what does that tell you?

And yes... it's all about me me me. Just look around at people yip yapping away on their cell phones like me or anyone else gives a shit about their conversation. Modern technology is certainly just as much of a curse as it is great. The very things that were supposed to make our lives more efficient and free up more free time has done just the reverse.