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Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
Well the saying that accompanies it is "Two in the pink & one in the stink" so what does that tell you?

And yes... it's all about me me me. Just look around at people yip yapping away on their cell phones like me or anyone else gives a shit about their conversation. Modern technology is certainly just as much of a curse as it is great. The very things that were supposed to make our lives more efficient and free up more free time has done just the reverse.
Ah, ok. Yeah, that's a crude thing to have on your car. But crude is the thing nowadays. Everyone goes for the shock factor.

My biggest peeve with cell phones are the push-to-talk ones where you are forced to listen to both sides of the inane conversation punctuated by annoying beeps. Luckily such phones seem to be slowly disappearing. I remember a Latino kid on the Boston T laying on a bench on a subway car while people had to stand. He was yapping away in Spanish with one of those push-to-talk phones and his bimbo girlfriend was yapping back at him. I was trying to count the number of ways this kid was an asshole, but I ran out of fingers and toes.

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