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Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
Well the saying that accompanies it is "Two in the pink & one in the stink" so what does that tell you?

And yes... it's all about me me me. Just look around at people yip yapping away on their cell phones like me or anyone else gives a shit about their conversation. Modern technology is certainly just as much of a curse as it is great. The very things that were supposed to make our lives more efficient and free up more free time has done just the reverse.
What I mean by that and how it relates here is that, being a money driven society, the computer/cell phone age has made making money that much faster which equals more time spent doing just that. Where technology has made it intirely possible to spend more time with our families instilling values and decency, it has backfired and done just the opposite. Therefore you have more 'digital' babysitters and kids with a lot of time on their hands. Not good as stepping out your front door proves all too often today.