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And a note about 'truck nuts' because they deserve a mention here as well...

I don't go around with my nuts hanging out of my zipper for all to see. A dog does so (minus the zipper) because, well, it's a fucking dog. Your car or truck isn't a dog either so WTF? Because everyone wants to look at the sack on a dog and say Ooooo... nice nuts. Fact of the matter is, I've never heard anyone mention the nuts on a dog and if they did I might give them a sideways look and ask if they were ok.

Just as crude. Just as stupid. And no, your truck doesn't have any more testostarone than it did before you put those ridiculous things on their. It certainly doesn't scream "I am all that is man"... what it does scream is "Yup... I'm just another crude, classless moron."