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Originally Posted by rayusaFL
GET what you want and what you love!!
Some of you made very good points on your posts!! However, at the end of the day, the question is: "Do you want a C class?? Do you want an AUDI??"
I can't care less about their sales performance. I'm literally dying to get my 335i!! It may not be the BEST sports sedan ever, but guess what?? That's the car I want. I love the BMW brand and I have an emotional connection with it.
A brand is a promise!!!
A product is physical.
A brand is NOT a product, a sign or a logo!
A brand is the feeling you get when you use the product.
It is the experience it provides you.
Some people love NIKE and some love ADIDAS?? Which one is the best??? It doesn't matter! The question is "Which one are you emotionally connected to?"
Some may think I'm tripping but that's how I feel.
I respect your perspective, but the concept of branding does very little for me. I've owned a Pontiac, a Mazda, a Mercedes, a few VWs, a few Audis and a few BMWs.

When evaluating cars, nothing matters more to me than the driving experience. We currently have an E92 (mine) and an F30 (my wife's) and IMO the F30 driving experience is a significant step backwards from its predecessor. Add in the unnecessarily complicated and restrictive F30 packaging strategy and the uncompetitive pricing, and I think BMW has seriously missed the mark this time around.

I'm definitely BMW's target market for the F30 but there's very little chance I will select an F30 when my lease is up next spring. I may opt for an E82 before they stop making them (the last of the naturally aspirated BMWs) or I may change brands. BMW is still growing by selling more SUVs, but I think they need to be careful not to lose car enthusiasts like me who used to form the core of the brand.