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What is value? Hankook vs PSS


I'm in a tire dilemma and looking for opinions. I have used both Hankook V12 and PS2, but not the PSS. I know that in almost ways (or all) the Michelin PSS is the superior tire. However, my current Hankooks have done the job very well for 25000km and, aside from the mushy turn in, they are good tires.

I'm getting new rims and face the following choice:
1) Get Hankooks for $1000USD
2) Get Michelin PSS for $2000USD

Both prices include full installation, balancing, and alignment, and represent a competitive price in the Taiwan market.

I really can't decide if there is enough value in the Michelins to justify their 100% price difference. The $1000 does matter to me...I'd rather keep it in the bank, but I'm not going to be going without dinner if I do spend it on the tires. Thoughts and suggestions?

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