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Originally Posted by sg_wannabe View Post
btw, there is a group over on e46f that meets from time to time. i believe quite a few folks are from b'ham area. i think the last meeting place was in pell city.

if y'all are up for it, it might be worthwhile to meet up together. btw, one of them has a dslr and takes decent pics. i have never gone to their meet or met any of them. i have "talked" with one of the folks who organized past meets over pm.

i am in tupelo, which is not that far. i would be willing to come to a meet if my schedule allows. not many euro fanatics in this area. i am the only one in our euro group who is in this area...for now

btw, OP, i went to hs near pelham.

oh, and saturdays are better for me.
saturdays are probably best for me as well

but yeah that'd be great if we could get a joint meet with the guys from e46f