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Originally Posted by Virterm View Post
Incorrect, adaptive feature means lights turning horizontally when you turn. This feature is optional in most cases. What you probably have in mind is auto leveling which translates to horizontal adjustment based on additional weight of the car.
Well, I've seen other written sources (like Bentley) state that to get bi-xenon you must have adaptive too. That's not the case, my car and RealOEM prove that, but maybe it's how the cars were optioned in the US market? I dunno.

I do know that, as Virterm says, the auto-leveling setup is required by law in most jurisdictions to prevent oncoming drivers from being dazzled by every car with luggage in the trunk. If you've got xenons, you're supposed to have auto-leveling. In Europe they even have manual leveling controls on halogen-equipped cars, which I think is pretty cool (other than the fact that the leveling motors would cause more light shake).