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e92 330d cut out problem help!!!

Hey guys i have a E92 330d auto, last week i have a problem where the car would cut out under light acceleration or when coming to a stop at traffic lights, however i got the car serviced last saturday changed oil, oil filter, air filter, diesel filter and topped up all fluids, the problem then disappered for 3 days driving beautifully as beemers do when they are well!

Then ive had the car cut out twice this week and when accelerating hard last night had a bit of a jolt then resumed power as normal, this morning however i had lack of power and revs wouldnt go past 3000 rpm so i put the car in neutral gave it a good rev then everything is back to normal

this only happens sometimes but cant figure out what it is im taking it to my bmw specialist on sunday for a plug up but i have no warning lights , but when the engine cuts out the engine light comes on but then the car starts up fine and away i go again! very strange! PLS HELP ME GUYS!!!!