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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
it's never really been a paradise.......

but now that "all those people" who infiltrated Houston are now heading back, we feel alot more comfortable lol.....

there's a reason why most people from Houston hate the trash in New Orleans......
This is really awful of me to repeat, but being born and raised in the south I completely agree with it. My Grandma always said after Katrina "We need one more strong cane to get what Katrina missed" Is that racist? You could say it is. Im so sick of the you know whats here and people say everywhere you go there are the "riff raff" but it is NOT like New Orleans. Ive lived in Maryland, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Utah and Ive visited many other states and stayed for weeks at a time. Never have I seen such filth, scum, and just completely trash worth of a population then here in New Orleans. People ask me where I live and I tell them Southeastern LA ....I cannot wait to move to California. Good riddance Louisiana.. Katrina, BP...theres just nothing going right for this state anymore.

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