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Originally Posted by EmmettBrown View Post
reminds me also - why does every fucking guy in today's society think they are some MMA fighter or some hard ass? i swear douchebags are becoming more and more common these days. i know when i deserve an ass whopping or am acting like an idiot, but every moron these days just wants to resolute shit by fighting
Because Dana White. That douchebag has created one if the fasted growing, most popular "sports" today. I've had my fair share of combative mixed martial arts training but the key word here is combative. Much different than what you see in the cage.

But this goes hand in hand with poor parenting and an already overemphasized violence in all media. It's got every Ed Hardy wearing dumbass thinking their "fighters" and that that's the way to resolve shit. (coupled with the fact that this country is one big war machine).

What a joke. Thank god I'm a race fan!