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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
This is really awful of me to repeat, but being born and raised in the south I completely agree with it. My Grandma always said after Katrina "We need one more strong cane to get what Katrina missed" Is that racist? You could say it is. Im so sick of the you know whats here
it's not racists and i completely undersatand what you're talking about - you don't even have to mention it because we're both experienced in it.

i just wish Mayor Bill White would have never opened up the Astrodome to Katrina Victims, but the storm gained national attention EVEN BEFORE it hit N.O. because of what everyone knew what was inevitibely going to happen.....

Bill White HAD to do something to show that he cared - Houston opened up it's homes and it's shelters for these people in good faith.

but it brought nothing but torment and anguish for years to follow - we are not slowly recovering.