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Oh trust me Im well aware.... I was 17 when Katrina hit and my Mom was convinced it was going to turn to FL. Well by the time she decided we needed to leave it was too late to get the horses out and she wasnt leaving them. So we stayed. The shit we had to deal with was torture. I felt the aftermath was worse than the actual storm. The people were just a nightmare. Ive never been so scared to go to sleep in my life in what was left of my Grandmas neighborhood. We ended up last minute Sunday night (the night before Katrina made land fall) going to my Grandmas house 10 miles up the road where my uncle, aunt, and two cousins also decided to stay and "weather out the storm". When you take turns sleeping so that someone is always on guard (the adults not us "kids")with a shotgun to watch for looters is unimaginable. Its really a shame we had to do that.
yep - people didn't even want to volunteer anymore after the first 2 weeks....

dealing with the most uneducated, unemployed, poverished and most disrepectful people in the nation was the worst part....

i wouldn't even be able to tell you if there is another city in the nation that would give N.O. a run for it's money when it comes to people like this....

some places in Miami ??

some hoods in New Jersey ??

Detroit ??