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Originally Posted by willroy69 View Post
Hi new to all this so here goes.

removed my instrument cluster other dayto replace the plastic screen which was damaged when i bought it .. replaced the screen . ,But only fitted the cluster back after afew days so car was with out instruments (never used vehicle).. when i came to refit and turned on ignition nothing illuminates on dash , basically dead alsothe headlights no longer work and the convertible roof has stopped working ,. Any help appreciated..
Obvious thing is to back track and make sure all connections are snug and that any wires are not frayed but i assume you did that. Next check the fuse. If you look at the white card that comes on the back of the glove box it will tell you the fuse number. It sounds like a fuse problem given the high number of things all related to the instrument cluster and lights that are not working. I would check fuses for ignition, lights, instrument panel and roof. That is where I would start.