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That's what I need to see. I already pm JordanE93. Hopefully he can test it out and get back to me with this. I am so happy I finally piece together info scattered all over the place and put it into one page, hopefully it works for others like it is working for my car, if not then its proof something in the software is preventing this from happening. If this works for other E93 CTM equipped cars, then we have gone a long way with this. With the Car equipped with the CVM module, there is alot more work to do as there are alot of WERT values in place of aktiv or nicht_aktiv.

I need someone to test it and see if it works. The last E93 that I have coded all have CA, so I didnt bother with it... It's so sweet to have this finally working, and I find myself opening the top more often
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