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Originally Posted by willroy69 View Post
Checked fuses for instrument cluster 5amp and roof 20amp all seemed ok will get my meter across them to double check . just seems weird why aload of things would stop worlking .I thought with the cluster being out for a few days it may need coding ,but i dont know ..
I doubt seriously it needs recoding. Sounds like a connection or wire. I would go through it again and check all the ignition fuses too. I suspect there could also be a CAN related bus wire that is loose or connected incorrectly. I was under my dash and accidently disonnected a wire that seemed to lead to a terminal end,..."the wire to no where" and my radio stopped working at the same exact moment. I reconnected it and it worked again. The wire just seems to just end at this terminal but it was critical fo rthe radio.

If you cant figure it out today, sleep on it. Usually that brings clarity for me.

I hope this helps.