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Originally Posted by Andrey@AutoCouture View Post
Won't work on newer software.
I found the convertibles to be very finicky. The soft tops (1 series and 6) are the most annoying ones. You can make it open but not close.
Did u try those exact script lines I described to a E93?? I am speaking of only E93 and not the soft-top of the 1 series or 6 series. I am only putting it out there to try for E93s, As I know the softtop verts uses CVM module. All I know is that I got it to work on my car. Until people with newer software equipped E93s try these exact scripts to edit, I think it's too early to say until someone tries it that it won't work. All the threads I have seen on this, info was scattered all over the place. I narrowed down exactly what I did 100% and if it doesn't work then we will have concrete info. JoseJN had his working but wasn't exactly sure everything that he changed before his software got updated, I am 100% sure of what I edited to make it functional to open and close convertible hardtop with windows and mirrors with the key fob

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