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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
To the expert Demon Hunters out there, what skills are you using?
Well I'm no expert, as my Wiz is my primary character, but pretty damn good at it and my build is very similar to yours. (Pri) Hunger Arrow - Devour/Penetrate (Sec) Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning (1) Smoke Screen - Linger (2) Preperation - 30% no CD rune (3) Caltrops - extra slow snare (4) Marked For Death - rune where you can put it on a target.

That's worked insanely well for me farming act 1. You can substitute Vault for Marked for Death if you need to kite more.

Originally Posted by Whorning View Post
lol sure, whenever you'd like just let me know. i'm at about 80k raw dps w/ 680 res all and 38k health now. i actually just swapped my build a little bit. took out horrify for firebats and vision quest so i can kite with some AoE dmg.
Lets give it a try tonight, I think this will be a very potent combo. I changed up my gear a bit, less DPS but better overall. Around 90K DPS, 500 res, 45K life. However, for my tanky-CC build, I go with 50K dps, 800 res, 45K life. He uses about 55% crit, which my survivability is based off of. Not sure if you are familiar with a Wizard but we have a passive called Critical Mass. Every crit reduces all cooldowns by 1 second, this basically gives me non-stop CC's, armor, and big DPS spells....allowing me to tank just about anything.
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