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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
you should have stayed in Utah.

i went to SLC on business back in 2007 - absolutely beautiful city.

i probably would murder someone withing the LDS Church for being a bunch of religious tards and basically having a "hand" in everything that goes on in the city, but it was a nice place to visit.

everyone looked so peaceful - and the women were all surprisingly over 5'10" HAHA !!! that one thing i noticed when i got there.
You wanna see a total anamoly? Go to Barcelona. There's no women under 17 or over 45 outside and they all look like models. Strangest thing ever.

Now if only they were nice...

Originally Posted by Litos View Post
in a perfect world, i'd be making money hand over fist to live in San Diego
The world will never be perfect. Nike said it best... Just Do It! because like getting new tires or divorced or whatever... there's never going to be a convenient perfect time for doing so.