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Originally Posted by DARK_M3 View Post
The world will never be perfect. Nike said it best... Just Do It! because like getting new tires or divorced or whatever... there's never going to be a convenient perfect time for doing so.
all i know is that i live life very comfortably here in Houston.

my mortgage payment is just over $1200 and i have a 2300sqft 2-story house and 2 new vehicles...

at my "current" hourly rate, i'd definitely be pushing the limitations - i believe i would be taking a step back.

i would need about a 60% increase in salary to live as comfortably in SD as i am here in Houston.

a 60% increase would be a perfect world lol.

plus, here in Houston i can find a job anywhere in the city for Engineering/Procurement/Oil/Gas/Petrochem/Hydrocarbons - there is no shortage of work here.