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Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
I was driving down a main street the other day. It was green lights all the way for me so I was just cruising at about 45-48mph (speed limit was 45). Then all of a sudden i had to brake abruptly cus there were 4 freaking kids walking across the street like they owned the damn road!! They were probably in their early teen. One guy was dressed all thug like wih backward hat and low hanging jeans. The others, 3 chubby girls were walking behind him, looked at me and was yelling some shit. I was thinking to myself "wait did they just walked across the street while there was traffic going on? And they were trying to say shit to me?! Wtf?!" The bay area and its stupid-dumb-and-hyphy attitude.
Here in Chicago they're trying to revitalize the near west side, around United Center Park and East Garfield Park.... Well, on Western Avenue, they put in some nice medians, redid the curbs and property beyond the lot lines, put in fancy lamp posts, and they put in some really nice brick crosswalks. The construction caused some bad traffic headaches. Anyway, it's all a moot point and money/time wasted because it's the freaking ghetto and nobody there ever thinks of using the crosswalk or giving cars the right of way when they want to shoot across the middle of the street.... And then the look they give you... like you're doing something wrong. I don't know why the city spends money prettying up neighborhoods like that, the improvements are all trashed already anyway with litter and shit everywhere. STOP WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY ON THOSE WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYWAY. They already get their checks, we don't need to fix up their hoods too. What a waste.

I tell you what... if I ever lose my mind, I know where I'm going to direct my rounds.... Fucking useless people. Maybe I'd be able to do society a favor in my blaze of glory.