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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
You forgot another sticker that can be considered not appropriate, the pedo bear. I've never understood people embracing that one.

I guess I can be considered one of these "kids" that grew up in this era since I am in my 20's. I was taught to thank someone if they handed you something, say bless you when someone sneezes, say excuse me if you sneeze or burp in public, or say pardon me when you accidently bump into someone. I also don't like to have phone conversations in front of people and usually excuse myself from a group of people if I need to talk. Bumping into people is def one of my pet peeves when I go to bars, I don't like having random strangers touching me and not excusing themselves. The worst part, this is a very common occurance and it angers me. Whenever I start getting angry, I don't try to take it out on someone and fight them (even though I def can fight and some people deserve to get some common sense knocked into them), I usually just end up leaving so not to do something stupid.

But I will say, I have said my share of inappropriate things in public (may it be cursing or something that shouldn't be said). Usually there is a common factor when that happens, and it involves alcohol. Then again, it is rare I go out to eat and drink because I would rather drive not worrying about if I am over the limit or not.

The people crossing the street thing always pissed me off. New Jersey now has it where that if anyone is inside a cross walk waiting to cross, you have to stop and let them do so. I live in a shore town, and all these damn tourists just keep crossing the street wherever making you have to stop. These are also the same people who fail to realize that the fast lane is not a cruising lane but a passing lane. I have so many pet peeves on the road.
You must not go out much, LOL, that happens all the time at the bar, I just write it off as an affect of alcohol. Where it really bothers me is in human zoos like Wal-mart. It seems like everyone walks around without any regard for anyone around them, shoving, standing taking an entire aisle, with one person, etc. I rarely get any kind of apology when this kind of shit happens, so the obnoxious douche in me comes out and I'll make loud comments obviously directed at people acting like this. They give me a go to hell look, but they give me the same look when they bump into me, so screw it.

Or people that just step into the street and then look at me as though they are daring me to hit them. Ya, their right, I don't want to deal with the consequences of hitting their dumb-ass, but it's hard to be a tough guy lying supine with broken legs drinking mash threw a straw.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.