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Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
You must not go out much, LOL, that happens all the time at the bar, I just write it off as an affect of alcohol. Where it really bothers me is in human zoos like Wal-mart. It seems like everyone walks around without any regard for anyone around them, shoving, standing taking an entire aisle, with one person, etc. I rarely get any kind of apology when this kind of shit happens, so the obnoxious douche in me comes out and I'll make loud comments obviously directed at people acting like this. They give me a go to hell look, but they give me the same look when they bump into me, so screw it.

Or people that just step into the street and then look at me as though they are daring me to hit them. Ya, their right, I don't want to deal with the consequences of hitting their dumb-ass, but it's hard to be a tough guy lying supine with broken legs drinking mash threw a straw.
I go to the bar all the time, it's just something I don't like. Not all bars are like this, it's just certain one's are much worse than others.

Nothing beats though one time being at the local bar near close. Some guy bumps into one of my female friends, says F U to her, and then punches her in the face. Mind you, she was sitting on a bar stool talking to her boyfriend when this all happened. The guy then got a nice beating by the "bouncers". It was dumb cause we are locals and knew all the bouncers since we would go there atleast once a week. But then again, nothing amazes me in NJ anymore. Lucky for her the guy hit like a girl, she ended up with no bruise or anything.