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Originally Posted by danielh1018 View Post
In e90pilot's dyno report,
"At about 3200 rpm and 4400rpm you can see the torque drop and rise quickly. These are the points at which the DISA valves open up. As each valve opens, the torque rises sharply."

I just installed 3-stage intake manifold with ECU tuning on my 2.5L 323i.
All process and result is good, and acceleration is smooth with more low/mid torque.
But I use INPA to detect my engine infomation, the DISA valves open at around 2750 rpm and 3750 rpm which is different from e90pilot's results.
I didn't do the before after dyno.
Just want to know whether early DISA valves open is healthy ? will it affect highend engine power ?
Is there anyone can help me answer this question?
Is DISA valves open earlier positive to engine performance?