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Originally Posted by dave1423 View Post
I read this whole thread and i just want to ask you guys what oil is going to be the safest bet?

Castrol or mobil 1?

I recently puchased a 08 328i, I just hit 65k miles and this is my 1st oil change.

Safest for what? These engines aren't as picky as most believe them to be. (and most oils out there are far better than these same people believe them to be)

It doesn't matter - pick whichever you like, or can obtain the easiest/cheapest.

I have experienced noise issues with M1 lubricants in other engines (including my M52 BMW) and make a point of not using M1 products now. I used to use M1 in everything years ago. The lab results from the used M1 oil were great though so the noise wasn't resulting in wear, it was just annoying. I haven't tried M1 0W40 in an N52/N54 so I can't comment on whether it makes a difference or not.