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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
I hate the fact that in order to use a Barb in Inferno, you have to spend millions of gold on equipment just to get through it. At this point I cake walk through Act 1 and 2, but Act 3 is a lot harder. I also unlocked Inferno Whimyshire last night, the elites in there heal around 15k dmg in a second. I know because my barb does more than that and they would heal themselves that quick (not even being vampiric). Anyone can add me but I prob will be playing more SC2 because I have been getting sick of just farming.
I've been playing a sort of "bargain" barb, spent about 20mil in total on him, but not all at once. Funny how thats considered a bargain now lol.

Add me if you want to see my double tornado build and gameplay, it revived my interest in my barb. So much fun, so much dmg, but its really hard to use, so its a very rewarding playstyle in the sense that it actually takes skill to use.

Just picked up a new wep on my guy, so im at 26k raw dps, 1100 Life on hit, 40% crit chance with 212% crit damage. 800ish all resists, 8k armor, ~44k hp. Beginning to dabble into act 3, although its still really hard.

Syndicate has a stellar new tanky wizard build, its pretty awesome when we both farm. The wizard tanks/dps, while the barb dps's/tanks. Its really funny.

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