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Canadian car with US CCC Help!

Hey guys I am currently having an issue with my canadian CCC and my tpms.

My CCC crashed and I had to purchase a replacement unit. This unit is from a 2008 US car. Everything works fine but US cars use the TPM i believe with the 4 receivers in the front of each tyre and Canadian cars use FTM which I believe use the rotation speed of the tire and transmit the info to some part below the drivers feet.

I was getting the malfunction error before swapping to the new CCC though and when I used my BT tool my FTM was "not responding"

So now in my new CCC is the TPM option in my I-drive is "greyed out" I cannot select or reset it. But I am not sure if it is because my car is a FTM or because my FTM is simply malfunctioning.

How can I troubleshoot and figure out what the problem is. My tyre pressure is correct in all tyres.

I checked inside the wheel hub and there are no receivers so I am certain I do not have them.

Can the car be coded to use FTM? Anyone experienced anything like this?


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