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Originally Posted by adamsclubs View Post
Either V12 or pay a little more for Conti DW. Based on what the OP described, PSS is not worth the extra money. A DW is also light weight, anywhere from 3 to 5 lbs lighter than most other recommended tires.

I am big on unsprung weight reduction. Just installed 18" F14s and DW tires, dropped 9 lbs of unsrung weight at each corner, that is compared to my stock 17" with RFT. The weight loss is very noticeable, I have a section of freeway incline to measure my mods and the car definitely pulls much harder.
Adamsclub...thanks to you and ExpensiveTastes for pointing me in this direction. I think this is the tire I am going with, but I have not had time to get some prices. Sometimes, due to insane tax policies, the prices of can be highly distorted! (e.g. PSS cost twice as much as V12...and sometimes this huge difference can exist between car products that are similarly priced in the US market but have a huge disparity here!)