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Originally Posted by Roli View Post
I thought I was buying a great car, wow was I wrong. I've owned BMWs for years and then bought the 535...I doubt I will ever by a BMW again. Here's why:

- the car drives like a Ford Taurus, big, bulky drive that doesn't seem in touch with my former BMWs

- when the motor is cold it 'chugs' along sheepishly

- the turning radius is horrid. In your average parking garage i have to do five back and forths to get out of a space

- the electronics are not reliable--the bluetooth will work, but then the reverse/distance control beeper will not--I've already hit things 3 times, total cost: $600.

--the "convenience" package is really bad. I generally have to yank on the door handle 3 times before the automatic door unlock will work. Frustrating everytime you go to your car. I tried the Audi--and it's completely different.

Anyway, the list is endless. I hate driving the car. If I have to run to the store, etc, I take my wife's E-class Mercedes. Yes, can you believe it?!?! A Mercedes is nicer to drive than a BMW. I never thought I'd say that until I got my car.

I've had it a year. It's got 5K miles on it and I'm very very tempted to sell it, take a $20K hit, because the car is SO bad. However, it does look good.

I hope this helps someone avoid the mistake I did.
If you got a non X-drive you might be singing a different tune. My 328xi was a pig and felt much like what you describe. You are on the West coast man, why the X-drive?