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Originally Posted by Stievo View Post
well i went out tonight and ran my car tonight did a best of 13.1 @ 106.663 the elevation is 2780 the temp was 102, the announcer said corrected elevation was 6500.

i have an e90 2007 bmw 335xi sedan automatic

mods go as follows

afe duel cone intakes
cpe catless downpipes
hpf exhaust
ets 5' fmic
cobb access port, I'm running the Stg2+fmic sprt
kw coilovers
CCW Classics "swissed" wheels 18x11.5 rears 18x9.5 fronts

i see a lot of you run meth. i may have to look into that for the future.
no idea what power I'm making, guesses would be around 370whp 410ish ftlbs

does that sound about right?
thanks for the info fellow e90 owners

did a run tonight, wasn't terribly impressed with my time at all..
E90 bmw 335xi CCW, Kw, Afe, Cpe, Ets, Hpf, Cobb.
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Too much to list. Goal: 1100rwhp