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Originally Posted by Dante View Post
Serious Kudos to the owner in the video. I know so many people (including me) that feel they should have kept a certain car in their past instead of selling it.
This guy didn't, and I'm sure their have been temptations! That is awesome!

I really can understand his feelings for the E30.
My brother had one back in the early 90's, and when I got my drivers license I wanted one too. But I didn't have the money back then. It always stayed in the back of my head, while driving every other 3 Series from E36 onwards.
Until in late 2009, when I stumbled over a very nice and also quite rare E30 320is 2-door with S14 engine. It was love at first sight.
I initially planned to keep the miles on it low (bought it with a tad over 100.000 kms) and only drive it on special occasions.
Boy was I wrong! I own some nice alternatives to drive, but in the end its always the E30 I want to get in. Its so much fun to drive with its S14 Engine and the nimble chassis. I love its clean and straight forward design.
I threw a lot of money on it over the last 3 years to keep it in like new condition and I will never give it away!

Wow that's a very nice e30, mtech kit is gorgeous. If I still had mine that is the kit i would have put on. I had an early model that hydroplaned and insurance wrote off and I was on craigslist and R3V everyday trying to find a good replacement but ending up picking up my e92. I love my e92 but I do miss the e30 and wish I can find a clean late model 325is someday or even a 318is. Keep that car clean, she's beautiful.