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Stephen James Enfield

Has anyone used Stephen James Enfield? I have used over the last couple of years and the service seems to be quite good.

Unfortunately i did have one not so pleasant experience. I brought my car there for some a small bodywork issue which needed sorting when i arrived to pick up my vehicle i noticed that the area of the vehicle which should have been repair was actually worse, i said to the person i was dealing with that i was not happy, he then came out and looked at the vehicle for himself and too his credit immeadiately admitted that the work was not up to standard and asked me to leave the vehicle, I then told him i needed a vehicle as it was the weekend and again within about 5 mins there was a courtesy vehicle ready.

I visited the dealership after the weekend to pick up my car and it was sorted - properly this time and an apology to go with it - cant ask for more than that or can you!