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Society as we know in the US is on the decline. There's still plenty of good honest people out there but the bad apples are slowly starting to out number them. I was in no way a saint growing up especially in my teenage years but I did not cause trouble for people who have never done anything to me. Now we have teens go into stores by the dozen to rob them, random shootings of innocent people by young teens to get into a gang, and plenty of other stupid shit I see on the news daily.

I try to mind my own business when out in public. Don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you type mentality. I let a lot of shit slide but there are certain things I won't stand for in my presence and that's disrespect of the elderly and bullies picking on 1 kid.

For example I was on my commute to work using the public light rail and this 16-20 looking guy was sitting in the senior citizen section of the train and wouldn't move for the elderly lady with a walker. I saw her struggle for 1 stop trying to stay up in a jammed packed aisle others around her were helping her keep her balance. Well at the next stop I had enough and got up from my seat asked the kid to move for the lady and he could have my seat and I'll stand up. The idiot had the nerve to get mad at me, well I just snapped right there and picked up that punk and threw him out the train before it closed the doors. That asshole kept yelling at me through the train door saying he'd beat me down with his friend if he ever sees me again ect.... I don't really care to be honest I have my CHL and always ride public transportation with 7 friends in my right pocket should they ever be needed. Sorry for the long post, that just got my blood boiling reflecting back on that situation.
/end rant