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Originally Posted by churchillps View Post
If you paid 1k or 2k you got ripped off on both. No value.
I wish that were true, but alas, there are taxes to be paid. And the shipping costs of buying them in the US and shipping to Taiwan would already equalize the price, and then customs will slap on the tax no matter what. A little hard to hide what's in the boxes!

For some reason, Hankooks have a lower tax rate than then Michelins, so the price distortion is very high, meaning that PSS are double the price in this market.

Anyone who's lived in Asia or bought cars in Asia knows the prices are 2.5L 325i E92 cost me $90 000USD if you want to talk about rip offs! But taxes are lower, opportunities for me are higher, so pay with one hand, give with the other!

Thanks for all the tire advice guys!!