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Some of you may not agree with this but it is because parents don't punish there kids, they try to use all these unproven methods of doing it that does not help to the kid. Want your kid to stop being a brat? Spank them. Little kid is cursing? Make them hold a bar of soap in their mouth. Kid doesn't want to listen to you? Make them stand in a corner. Sending kids to their bedrooms now isn't a punishment when they have a TV, video games, computer, etc in there. And lets not forget people, phone books don't leave marks.

I forget which method this is, but parents let their kids destroy things in the house so they can get it out of their system. it is their belief that once they are done, they will behave like a normal human being. Whoever came up with this lunacy should be castrated cause I don't want them having kids.

I know whenever I have kids if my kid threatens to call dyphis or whomever on me, I'll tell them to do it. Living in foster care and group homes is much worse.